Dini Petty is an exceptional and engaging speaker who can connect with audiences of any demographic. Whether you’re hosting a corporate convention, trade show, award ceremony, or any other event, Dini is the ideal choice for your occasion. With her ability to strike the perfect balance of emotion and humor making her the ideal choice for your event. Dini’s engaging personality and captivating storytelling ability creates a memorable experience for all who attend. You can be assured that your audience will be thoroughly entertained and satisfied with their experience. From Women’s Wellness events to corporate galas and dinners, Dini’s ability to captivate an audience is unparalleled. Book her as your event host, MC, panel moderator, or public speaker and let her inspire and motivate your audience to be the best versions of themselves. Get in touch with us today to schedule Dini Petty for your next event and experience her ability to leave a lasting impression on your audience.



“Dini’s stories are real, powerful and straight from her heart. They run the gamut of excitement and opportunities to challenges full of pain and suffering. She encourages us to “be yourself” and be in tune with life. Dini stresses the importance of valuing and looking after yourself, and getting at the things that are important to us in life.”

Joan Fleming

Executive Director - PEI Business Women’s Association

Dini Petty is the go to person when you need an emotional and humorous speaker for events geared at people of all demographics. Dini touches the audience with her honesty about her own struggles in life, and how even when she was down, she always knew that things would get better. Many of us face challenges, especially those of us in the sandwich generation, balancing our lives between work, and family needs. Dini’s stories bring us into a perspective of hope. All of us will face challenges in our lives, no one gets a “no problems in life free card”, and Dini brings that message home to the audience. No matter what happens, and you fall into that rabbit hole with mud at the bottom, you can always wipe yourself off, and dig your way out. She leaves the audience with smiles on their faces and truly renewed hope in their hearts.

Lynne Jenkinson

Flagstaff Family & Community Services, Alberta

Dini Petty had the convention crowd dazzled. When she hit the stage, a hush descended over the room and she began telling tales of real human scenarios, some her own and some of others. She speaks on subjects that others don’t. She speaks the truth and leaves the crowd wondering and looking into themselves for similar truths. Not a person in the room felt that they couldn’t relate to her words and wisdom. Truly a remarkable motivational speaker. After the talk, they slowly walk up to her, nervous to meet her but feeling the necessity of sharing similar stories with her and feeling like they are finally not alone.

Sharon K.

Mississauga, Ontario